About our School


Principal’s Welcome

We believe in providing an educational milieu so enjoyable and child friendly that we can inculcate in pupils the attitude of self-reliance and participative stakeholding, as opposed to quiet acquiescence to structured knowledge and transactions. In our pursuit towards excellence, we feel proud to announce that we have been able to make our little  but confident presence in the wake of academic enterprise in this region.

As the Principal of the school, I am committed to take this magnificent institution to its highest magnitude. I thank and appreciate the patronage of the Management, the dedication of our teachers and the co-operation of our parents which are helping our school develop the stature of educational acumen.

Ms. Suparna Saha, Principal

About Our School

The Rahul Foundation, established by Mr. R.N.Majumder, an enlightened industrialist is a registered trust committed to provide an education system which reflects quality, excellence, and innovation. These educational institutions impart the most modern skills through innovative teaching, a high level of technological advancement, some of the best infrastructure and facilities and a welcoming multi-cultural society enjoying a quality lifestyle in a safe environment.

For over nine years now Manisha International School has successfully breed a new generation of bright minds. Under the Modern building architecture it consists, State-of-the-art computer and science laboratories, wide corridors, and clean spacious classrooms.

Planned to perfection the school has designated areas where the students have the advantage of a vast range of facilities. Be it education, sports or creativity, every inch of this sprawling School Complex motivates the children to reach the heights. We aim towards a more comprehensive education system where equal attention is paid to physical, emotional and intellectual development of the students to make them conscientious, responsible and dynamic future citizens.

Vision & Mission

Manisha International School blends tradition with modernity and aims at inculcating intrinsic values integral for moulding impressionable minds of the present generation and in fostering in them the proper perspective and wholesome attitude to face the world.

  • To attain the mastery of skills of communication and learning.
  • To instill social awareness and sense of dedication to the cause of social justice.
  • To bring forth all that is the best and the noblest in a child.
  • To bring forth holistic education with a view to groom students with well informed, balanced views and opinions to expose them to a broader international milieu.
  • To strive for Academic Excellence and inspire creativity.
  • To aim at inspiring the child to assimilate constructive thinking so that vivacity and virtue co-exist and hence build up a good personality.
  • To inculcate self-reliance and self-restraint; courtesy, confidence and co-operative leadership qualities.