KG to PG

For over nine years now Manisha International School
has successfully breed a new generation of bright minds.

A quintessentially self-effacing Bengali gentleman exuding charm and elegance, Mr. R. N. Majumder belongs to that rare breed of industrialists who have become icons for budding entrepreneurs. His is no rags-to riches story; it’s a story of conquering obstacles and imponderables with remarkable equanimity of mind and of translating dreams into reality even when the chips are down. Unassuming yet unperturbed in the face of setbacks, unbending and rigid at times but flexible and accommodating often, he combines uncanny business acumen with a philanthropic zeal.

Born and brought up in a semi-urban area under Burdwan district, R.N. Majumder started his career as a humble motor parts businessman. Soon he began to ride a wave of popularity in the market. While manufacturing Leaf Springs, his company Rahul Springs Private Ltd. acquired ISO 9001 certificate and got a solid toehold in the export market in Bangaladesh and Srilanka. Since then there was no looking back for him. But the turning point in his life came when he stepped into education sector by setting up Rahul Foundation in 2002. DIATM, an Engineering college, was Rahul Foundation’s first child. In no time were born eight other children popularly known as MID, DCCS, LCD, DIP, GDNA, GDTTC, GDPITI and GMISH. But resting on his praise is alien to Mr. Majumder’s nature. Manisha International School is his latest dream project. Undoubtedly,it’s another milestone in the history of Rahul Foundation that houses all these institutions in the same sprawling complex in an excellent and delightful ambience just by the side of the G.T. Road, Rajbandh. Asked about his plan with Manisha International School,

It’s nothing different from my plans with other institutions. My objective is to ensure quality education comparable to international standard at affordable cost for children of the locality in particular and students across the country in general. But being a son of the soil development of the area is a top priority to me.” When reminded that there are quite a number of very good english medium institutions in his industrial region, Mr. Majumder says, “I’m fond of accepting challenges. Competition, you know, is the name of the game you’ve got to be proficient in if you want to survive and sustain your achievement. My aim is to amalgamate the ancient ideals of teaching and learning on the models of Shantiniketan with the IIT standard high-quality from K.G to P.G levels under the same roof.

Mr. R. N. Majumder, Secretary

Scrupulously honest with a spiritual bent of mind, Mr. Majumder thinks he cannot stand while people suffer. He has built up Gouri Devi Memorial Trust to help orphans of Lalbaba Ashram and poor but meritorious children cutting across their caste and creed, pursue their educational dreams. Life to him is no empty but a mission to fulfill. And Mr. Majumder seems to have found the mission of his life.
The Rahul Foundation, established by Mr. R. N. Majumder, an enlightened industrialist is a registered trust committed to provide an education system which reflects quality, excellence, and innovation. These educational institutions impart the most modern skills through innovative teaching, a high level of technological advancement, some of the best infrastructure and facilities and a welcoming multi-cultural society enjoying a quality lifestyle in a safe environment.