Principal Desk

Message From The Principal

Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.


Today children are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment . The rate of change in every sphere is rapid with the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development, the world is going flatter. Our institution was created with an objective of providing an outstanding 360 degree education in character building, leadership, extra and co-curricular activities along with academics along with a very strong dedicated and capable team of educators who became the driving force in the growth of the school. The School atmosphere evokes a team spirit amongst the students and teachers with a conviction that we can do it. The school motto “Soaring high is my nature” constantly inspires us to achieve greater heights.

We promote the joy and excitement of learning and also enjoy the pleasure of our achievements.

Manisha International School aims at :

Mastery in communicative skills
Clarity, coherence, independence in thoughts
An appreciation of scientific, economic and political ideas and practices
Physical and mental health and hygiene
Ethical and cultural values

The school achieves its mission when each and every child succeeds. Thus, the Manisha International School is totally committed to modernizing education and unlocking the potential of Indian youngsters coming from all walks of life.

We specially seek cooperation of the Durgapur, Panagarh community and parents in this man making project towards a better society.

We thank parents and guardians for choosing Manisha International School as a dais for their children’s future and hope that they will spend quality time with their children and understand the School’s policies. Constructive suggestions from our respected parents and well wishers will take us higher on the ladder of success. Let us work together towards a better world!

Ms. Suparna Saha, Principal, Manisha International School